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Sand Top Cigarette Urns

Large selection on sand top cigarette urns

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Smokers Stations and Outposts

Encourage a cigarette waste free zone

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Wall Mounted Cigarette Urns

Provides an attractive, secure way to keep any entrance ash-free

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Commercial Ashtray & Cigarette Butt Urns

Since 2001, The Park Catalog has been a leader in the world of ash trays and smokers' urns. We have supplied smokers' post and receptacles to many venues such as offices, convention centers, and an array of businesses. Encourage the proper disposal of cigarettes butts and maintain your property while eliminating health risks as well as beautifying your entrance way or outdoor space. Smokers' urns and receptacles are perfect for keeping sidewalks and entrance ways clear of unsightly cigarette butts. The Park Catalog receptacle options include ash urns, cigarette receptacles, cigarette butt cans, ash trash, smoker's outposts, and ash/trash combinations. These cigarette urns come in a variety of colors, material options and styles, and many are equipped with various features available to help suit your needs. The Park Catalog carriers concrete smoking urns, powder-coated steel and metal options. We also carry property site savers, round ash trays, cigarette butt cans, and wall smokers' outposts. Ashtray and urn accessories, such as silica sand, anchor kits, galvanized steel pails, weather urn tops, replacement sand urn lids, and filler stone with scoop combos are also available. Let The Park Catalog help find a solution for all your commercial furnishing needs.

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